Expertise – Audit –Technical assistance

Profever carries out various technical services both in terms of training actions and specific requests.
Please find the main areas of intervention of Profever experts, below.


Expertises around problems one comes across on glassware, for example identifying defects, origins of abnormal breakage, the latter in all areas glass usage:

  • Packaging glass (champagne, beer, carbonated beverages, wines, jars, perfume bottles)
  • Pharmaceutical glass (bottle, syringe, vial)
  • Tableware
  • Glazing building, automobile, transport
  • Furniture and decorative glass
  • Solar captors
  • Overall, any glass items


Audits of glass production lines, transformation, using glass products:

  • In glass-making (Raw material issues, melting furnace, forming process, mold, annealing lehr etc.)
  • Manufacturers and assemblers (building and automobile glazing, pharmaceutical syringe and funnel, solar collectors, connectors, lighting, etc.)
  • For users (champagne making process and champagne method, beer bottling and packaging lines, wines, non-alcoholic beverages, food products, pharmaceutical filling and packaging lines).


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Assistance technique

Technical Assistance in various sectors:

  • Solving glass issues through line audits or subject to special requests (glass chemistry and properties, coloring, melting, glass defects, annealing, breakage).
  • Developing quality specifications, helping to create new glass products.
  • Creating and modernizing the glass manufacturing unit (furnace, forming, mold workshop), technical center, control laboratory.
  • Technical assistance in terms of choice and use of sensors (temperature, measuring annealing stresses for example).
  • Organizing cold end quality.