Presentation of Intra-company trainings

PROFEVER has adapted its offer so that it is more in keeping with companies that need tailor-made training for specific requests. From now on, PROFEVER only carries out tailor-made intra-company trainings, whether these courses are registered in the PROFEVER catalog or they respond to more specific requests.

Intra-company training has many educational, organizational and financial advantages for the industry, which is a reason for their success:

In order to better respond to the requirements of the profession, PROFEVER has specialized in intra-company technical training in areas of glass industry. PROFEVER elaborates tailor-made training programs, which highlights many pedagogical, organizational and financial advantages for its clients.

Benefits of intra-company training

  • The trainees don’t need to move around (saving time and travel costs)
  • Staff available on site if need be
  • Free to choose training dates
  • Reduced cost of training compared to individual intra-company training and according to the number of interns.
  • Possibility for individual training (of one trainee) or a group of 2 to 12 people, or even more.
  • Adapting the education program to the needs of the company, from the catalog training programs.
  • Creation of a specific training module to meet particular requests, beyond catalog (for example sampling of raw materials, preparing samples for X-ray fluorescence analysis, measuring surface streeses using the GASP, recognizing glass defects, bottle sorting training, cold end quality training, glass/metal seals etc.)

All these intra-company trainings can be carried out in English.

Summary table of “catalog” training

PROFEVER offers technical glass training on the glass material and its properties, raw materials and recycling glass, melting furnaces, melting glass, forming processes, glass defects and quality, processing glass until the use of glass products.

Ref Title Duration

General glass training « Knowledge of glass and glass products »

VEPV General glass formation (an extensive training in keeping with the needs of the company) 3 to 15 days

Specific glass training

FUSV Glass melting 4 to 5 days
RECV Glass Annealing – Stress Measurement 2 days
MTEM Temperature measuring in glass-manufacturing 2 jours
VETH Heat exchange in glass manufacturing 2 days
AIOC Analyzing origins of glass breakage 1 to 3 days

Specific training for hollow glass

COFE Feeder monitoring 1 to 2 days
FAVE Manufacturing glass packaging 2 days
CEMB Characteristics of the glass packaging 1 to 2 days
PHAR Glass and pharmacy 2 jours

Specific training for flat glass

VPLA Manufactured flat glass (housing, vehicle, furniture, solar collector) 1 to 3 days

Training for artists and glass designers

CREA Creating glass 2 days


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Training rates

In order to respond to the various requests for tailor-made training for small groups, or even for an individual lesson, PROFEVER has adapted its fee schedule. This allows companies to access training at a reasonable cost.

The tarifs include preparation and travel time, except in special cases such as long distance travel, long preparation for new training or training in English.

Number of trainees Daily rate Daily rate per student
1 1000 € 1000 €
2 1100 € 550 €
3 1200 € 400 €
4 1300 € 325 €
5 1400 € 280 €
6 1500 € 250 €
7 1600 € 229 €
8 1700 € 212 €
9 1800 € 200 €
10 1900 € 190 €
11 2000 € 182 €
12 2100 € 175 €
13 2200 € 169 €
14 2300 € 164 €
15 2400 € 160 €